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The Search for the Perfect Lipstick

The search for the perfect lipstick has not gone well. Maybe I want too much, but it doesn’t seem too much to me.

I want it to last. Last all day. I don’t want to wonder at any point during my day if my lipstick has worn away, leaving me with bizarre two toned lips.

Color. I want a deep, dark, rich red. The perfect fall/winter lipstick. A lipstick that says, “If you kiss me, you don’t know how this will end.” A lipstick that doesn’t make me feel like a clown.

Texture. I want a smooth texture. Not thick. Not goopy. Not sticky. I don’t care about matte vs glimmer, sparkle or shine. I just don’t want it to scream, “You’re wearing lipstick!” at me every five minutes like some sort of lipstick cuckoo that’s gone insane by the number of lipsticks that I’ve tried. Oh, and I’d really like it if it didn’t make my lips peel and that it costs under $20 dollars. (Though for the right lipstick, I’d be happy to waive that dollar limit.)

I say “lipstick”, but I’m not that picky. It can be a lip stain. A creme. A gloss, even. As long at it lasts, has the right color and the right texture, I don’t care what it’s called.

Unless it’s called chicken poop lip balm. Then I care what it’s called.

So far, the one that lasts the best, with the best texture, is Revlon Colorstay Ultimate Liquid Lipstick. Unfortunately, it doesn’t come in the color I’m looking for. However, I have found two that go very well with my natural lip color, giving my lips a “me, but better” color.



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