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Urban Decay Vice Liquid Lipstick

I made another recon trip to Ulta and picked up a few new lipsticks, including two colors of Urban Decay’s Vice liquid lipstick. The colors I got are “Amulet” and “Conspiracy”.

Amulet is described as a “comfort matte” and it does go on nicely. It’s not thick and gloopy. It dries quickly. It doesn’t dry out my lips. (What? I know!). The color is darker than my own lip color, but is still close enough that I consider it to be a “me but better” color.

I put it on last night and it didn’t transfer at all to my water cup (or pillow). In the morning, I had a chile relleno burrito for breakfast, which I was sure would kill it. In my experience greasy food will kill even the toughest long lasting/waterproof lipstick. It survived the chile relleno. For lunch, I had (left over) mushroom/cheese pizza. Again, it was still there. However, after two greasy meals, I will admit it needed a touch up. Since it was close to my lip color, it wasn’t an obvious problem. I will be able to wear this to work without worrying what my lips look like during the day. (And really, that’s my goal for my lipstick. Put it on and not worry about what I look like when I’m talking to my bosses. Or my bosses’ bosses.)

Conspiracy is a metallized dark lipstick. It looked almost black going on, but is pretty sheer. It has a LOT of gold flakes. This is probably a color that would like best when you’re going out at night. I don’t do that. The closest I get to going out at night is leaving the office after dark and heading home. I guess that counts, right?

While Conspiracy is too dark for me on a day to day level, it does mix very well with Amulet. I will probably layer the two for a long time.

Just when I’d given up on finding anything more durable than Revlon Colorstay Outlast, Vice walked in. I think this is the start of a beautiful friendship.