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The Needs of Fine, Thin, Frail, Wavy Hair

My hair is fine and thin. Fine, because each individual hair is almost invisible. (I often say I could weave an invisibility cloak out of my hair.) Thin, because I don’t have a lot of hair.¬†As if that weren’t good enough, because my hair is fine, it’s also extremely fragile. It breaks easily and gets split ends easily.

The only saving grace of my hair is that it is wavy, and curls cover a multitude of sins. The wavy texture gives me the appearance of volume and it makes my hair seem a little bit thicker. However, it doesn’t actually change the nature of my hair.

Because my hair is so fragile, I use the Curly Girl Method. At least, pretty close. When I use shampoo, it’s a no sulfate shampoo. I frequently skip shampoo completely and use conditioner to wash my hair. I brush my hair when it is wet and full of conditioner. Even though hair is easier to break when it’s wet, the conditioner helps with the slip, and that prevents breakage.

I always use gel, and I’ve recently started using hairspray. My hair is looking better than it ever has. Yes, some of that is because it’s healthier, but probably 80% is about learning how to style my hair.

Currently, I’m using the Wet Brush, Garnier Fructise maximum hold, Shea Moisture Jamaican Black Castor Oil shampoo, conditioner and the actual oil. It’s too soon to say how that’s working, so I’ll update after I’ve been using it for a while. I use MegaMax volume gel.